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In The Old House


Model:  My Nguyen  @my.elise.nguyen
Photographer:  Jorge Colvin  @jorge.colvin
Wardrobe:  Nil

Sydney - Australia
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There was a man named My Nguyen who had always been fascinated by old houses.
He loved the history and character that they possessed, and he was determined to one day own an old house of his own.

My Nguyen spent years searching for the perfect old house, and one day, he finally found it.
It was an old Victorian-style home that had been abandoned for years, and it was in need of a lot of repairs and renovations.

Despite the work that needed to be done, My Nguyen knew that this was the house he had been searching for.
He bought the house and began the long process of restoring it to its former glory.

My Nguyen worked tirelessly to bring the old house back to life.
He replaced the roof, repainted the walls, and restored the original hardwood floors.
He also added modern amenities while keeping the original charm of the house.

Once the renovations were complete, My Nguyen moved into the old house and was finally able to live out his dream of owning an old house.
He loved the feeling of living in a piece of history and was able to create a warm and welcoming home for himself and his family.

The old house became a central point for My Nguyen's family and friends, and it was a place where many memories were made and shared.
It was not just a house but a home that was full of love and warmth.



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