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Model:  Diana
Photographer:  Matthieu Colnat  @m.colnatphoto

Paris - France
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Diana loved the way they let natural light into a room and how they provided a view to the outside world.
Diana was determined to make windows the focal point of her interior design work.

Diana began to experiment with different ways to incorporate windows into her designs.
She would often use large windows to create a sense of space and bring in natural light.
She also used window treatments such as sheer curtains, to create a sense of privacy and intimacy.

Diana's unique approach to interior design caught the attention of many and soon she became known for her ability to create beautiful and functional living spaces by emphasizing the use of windows.

Her designs were praised for their ability to enhance the natural light, create a sense of space and provide a connection to the outside world.
She was able to create a sense of balance between privacy and connection to the outside world.



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